5-Month-Old Baby Laughs Hysterically At Rustling Paper

StoryfulPublished: May 31, 2017Updated: June 1, 20172,356 views
Published: May 31, 2017Updated: June 1, 2017

Being a 5-month-old baby means you learn new things every day. Everything seems funny and interesting, even a piece of paper being rustled. Typically, paper has to have something funny drawn on it to make us laugh, but baby Dexter gets wild about paper just being around the stuff. While most people find the sound of paper irritating, this cute little guy is highly amused and begins to laugh hysterically. If only we could see paper through the eyes of a baby.

Adorable baby Dexter was sat his mom’s knee, when all of a sudden she began to rustle some paper. Hearing the sound, he starts to laugh so hard, he even struggled to take breaths inbetween.

This funny reaction of his did not happen just once. The woman keeps making that rustling noise with a piece of paper, stopping and starting over and over. That does not mean that baby Dexter is any less amused by it, finding it just as funny and amusing.

Even the people present in the room at the time also start chuckling, but not at the paper. Dexter's cute laughter was the thing that drew everybody’s attention. "Having a right old laugh at some paper, showing his dimples.” explained the uploader of the video.

"Not sure why he loved this paper so much…he has never laughed at it since again! He tries to eat the paper now instead…”

This is what happens when kids get attached to their favorite things, first they laugh at them, then they start putting them in their little mouth.

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