'I told you not to drink it!': The Tragic Tale of 'Garbage Guts' the Orange Cone

Storyful Published May 31, 2017 0 Plays

Rumble A lonely Brisbane construction worker’s friendship with an orange safety cone ended in tragedy after its drinking habits brought its life to an untimely end. Bradley Ward was operating machinery at an Ipswich construction site when he found a new friend in an expressive and stylish safety cone and published footage of their unlikely bond on Wednesday, May 31. After he took it for a ride-a-long, the cone downed a container of chemical thinners. “F***ing hell garbage guts, you can’t drink that sh*t, it’s f**ing poisonous mate,” Ward warned his new friend. The cone eventually succumbed to the toxic cocktails and Ward, in a mock panic, buried it using a skid steer loader. His cover-up was witnessed by other safety cones who promptly surrounded Ward before letting him go.