Deer Gets Stranded in Chicago's Montrose Harbor

Storyful Published May 31, 2017 168 Plays

Rumble A deer stranded itself in Montrose Harbor in Chicago, Illinois, on May 30. CJ Danner was out taking pictures with his Garmin Virb Camera of the Chicago skyline in Montrose Harbor when he spotted people trying to help the deer out of the water. The deer was struggling to get to shore on its own and had trouble climbing out of the rocks. Danner ran to his car to get to the other side where the deer was trying to get onto the rocks. Danner managed to get a nearby officer’s attention but they were unable to assist the deer. The deer continued to stall and act very confused, but after a few minutes Danner said that some geese came over to assist by “squawking at the deer.” The geese’s strategy must have worked because the deer eventually made it up the rocks and into the safety of a nearby golf course.