Stairs Blown Into Airplane in Strong Brisbane Storm

Storyful Published May 31, 2017

Rumble A set of runway stairs was blown into an airplane during <a href="*/stories/148540" target="_blank">stormy conditions</a> at Brisbane Airport, Australia, on November 13.

“The plane was shaking during a storm, like it was hitting turbulence,” the source of this footage said. “I saw the rain pelting on the window and started recording – I just happened to catch a set of stairs coming across the tarmac and hitting the plane.”

The storm around the airport was described by witnesses as “tornado-like,” according to the <a href="" target="_blank">Courier Mail</a>. The storm also reportedly knocked out power for around 8,000 homes in the region. <a href="" target="_blank">quoted</a> a Qantas spokesman as saying four sets of airstairs had hit four planes, each set hitting one plane, during the storm.