'We Take Over!': Man Berates Comedian Over Trump Jokes in Boston Venue

Storyful Published May 31, 2017 0 Plays

Rumble Things took a sour turn when comedian Kwasi Mensah was performing at the intimate CitySide comedy venue in Boston, Massachusetts, on November 21, doing material about Donald Trump and the presidential election.

It is unclear what Mensah was saying about Trump, but his jokes appear to have rubbed up one audience member the wrong way, as this video captured by fellow comedian Justin P Drew shows. A man begins shouting at Mensah and members of the audience for joking about the president-elect. “You people didn’t even go to vote!” he roars at the crowd. “Fuck you.”

A woman is heard angrily countering the man’s attack, saying she did vote. The man replies, “And you lost! And you lost!”

He then returns to the bar, from where he shouts, “We take over! We take over!”

Members of staff are seen ushering the man to leave. Throughout the exchange, Mensah tries to keep calm and jovial, at one point asking the audience if they want to hear any “dick jokes.”