Hunters Rescue Elk Calf With Legs Tangled In Barbed Wire

StoryfulPublished: May 30, 20174,035 views
Published: May 30, 2017

A couple of hunters in the outbacks of Helena, Montana, were faced with helping the same creature they came out to hunt, when they came across a elk calf tangled up in some wire fencing. One of the hunters, Bert Sorin, says they were on the trail of a herd of elk with his friends in Montana, when they saw the calf lying on the ground with its front legs tangled up in the fence.

In their video, two of the men are trying their best to cut down the wire with some cutters, but find their tools to be unfit for the job. They try prying it out of the hooks, but whoever made that fence sure made certain it won’t come off.

Lastly they try wiggling the wire around so that it may release the calf's hoof and sure enough, the animal’s legs come loose. The calf manages to find its footing quickly, gets up and runs off, appearing unhurt from its predicament. The hunters say it rejoined its herd soon after.

In a similar story, a couple of men released a deer they found with its leg stuck in a wire fence. They cut the wire down and detangled the creature, only to see it fling right back in the same thing that had him trapped in the first place. The deer was obviously distraught, but quickly gathered its wits and ran off into the sunset, happy to be on its legs again.

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