Man Threatens Driver With Bat in Melbourne Road Rage Incident

Storyful Published May 30, 2017 527 Plays

Rumble An angry motorist in Melbourne has been captured on film grabbing a bat and berating another driver stopped at a red light in a tense moment of road rage.

A Melbourne man, who requested anonymity, told Storyful that the situation went awry when the driver of the Lexus appeared to be “distracted on his phone” while in the slip lane, causing traffic to back up. That’s when the white <span class="caps">SUV</span> drove around it, a move that may have set off the driver of the Lexus.

The video, shared on November 29, shows the driver of a black Lexus sedan swerve carelessly several times toward a white <span class="caps">SUV</span>, who manages to veer to safety. The two vehicles then stop at a red light in the suburb of Cheltenham when the driver of the Lexus gets out of his car with a bat, and races toward the driver’s side of the white <span class="caps">SUV</span>, scolding the motorist before returning to his vehicle.