Here’s What Happens When You Show A Monkey A Magic Trick

Published May 30, 2017 81,629 Views

Rumble Street magic can be really fun to watch, but we have never been so happy to see a magic trick – and we weren’t nearly as excited as this adorable monkey was!

In the clip below, a man settles down to show an orangutan his <a href="" target="_blank">magic trick</a>. For those of us watching on the screen, the trick is certainly a little “suspicious," but the monkey watches with undivided attention.

The guy puts a seed from the planetree into a Styrofoam cup with a lid. He does all the usual steps street magicians do: he shows the <a href="" target="_blank">orangutan</a> the object, he puts it in the cup in front of him, closes the lid and shuffles it. But then he does something that no monkey will suspect, where he hides the cup underneath the glass for a sec, before bringing it back out.

Then, when the man does the big reveal, the monkey responds in hilarious fashion. Do you think the monkey knows that there’s something fishy going on with the trick? Or do you think the monkey is just honestly amused by the little bit of “magic" he’s seen?

Watch this man do the magic trick for the monkey and see the monkey’s absolutely precious reaction.