Young Cat Is Blissfully Hugging A Warm Lamp

Storyful Published May 30, 2017 0 Plays

Rumble It is well known that cats love to keep warm. They will seek out warmth in any way that they can, and they will do this anywhere they can. This seems to be especially true for Selenite, which is the name of the adorable cat in this very cute video. This kitten amused his owner by finding a new way to keep himself warm. Thankfully, his owner was fast enough at grabbing his camera at a moment’s notice and he was able to record this hilarious video for the world to see and share.

While there are millions of funny videos of cats trying to get warm, this particular one actually does give viewers a brand new sight that is not at all common. You will be amazed at this cat’s new discovery! He has figured out recently that he can enjoy a new heat source by hugging a glowing lamp for warmth. The video shows the little striped tabby with his tiny paws wrapped around the triangular shaped lamp. He has his head tilted back in what looks to be a feeling of euphoria. This cat is so happy and content enjoying this moment!

For ten seconds, the cat does something that makes this moment even more precious if that is possible. He lays his head on the side of the lamp. He purrs and purrs, completely happy with his newfound discovery. This just could not get any cuter. He remains in this position until the end of the video, and he never moves away from it. Obviously, this has become his new favorite place out of all other areas of his entire house! We all have our favorite places in our homes, and this is definitely his! His sweet face and expression melts the hearts of everyone he meets!

Celeste Louise Brocksom, who is the current owner of this cat and the woman who filmed this video, was not planning to keep Selenite after he was seen on a street in Fiji. He was only three weeks old when she found this adorable feline. He was just wandering the street, and he was just a tiny and helpless little thing. Even though she took him in, her plan was to find the little kitten a different permanent “forever home.” However, she said that she fell in love with the little guy, and her three dogs became too attached to the quirky feline.

It is very evident that this cat has become an absolute sensation since this video was released. Ever since this video was published on December 15, the footage of Selenite soaking up the lamp’s radiant glow has been viewed more than eight million times, and it has been shared over 120,000 times. It is amazing how much the world loves seeing videos of silly animals and their crazy antics. We all love a good video of cats! This video certainly fits the bill, and it gives everyone a good laugh and a smile.