Cops Pretend to Pull This Guy Over So He Can Pop the Question to His Girlfriend

Storyful Published May 29, 2017

Rumble Missouri man <a href="" target="_blank">David Jones</a> came up with an elaborate proposal plan, and recruited the local police department in Sparta to help.

A January 18 video, shared to <a href="" target="_blank">YouTube</a> by Jones, was filmed from the inside of a police car that was tailing his own car as part of the proposal stunt. They pulled Jones over, and made him walk to the back of his vehicle and get down on his knees.

Next, his girlfriend, <a href="" target="_blank">Leslie Karr</a>, was asked to leave the vehicle, and walked to greet her other half — who quickly changed to a more traditional on-one-knee position and popped the question.

The element of danger obviously worked, as she accepted Jones’ proposal.