Clingy Pigeon and Rescuer Become Best of Friends

StoryfulPublished: May 29, 201713 views
Published: May 29, 2017

Although they can be found at almost any park, an affectionate pigeon named Gemima has made a new nest with her rescuer.

Jess Barkley, who has a <a href="*/stories/137553" target="_blank">penchant for opening her home</a> to orphaned animals, took Gemima in when she was discovered in the middle of a Sydney road as a chick. Barkley believes she either fell from her nest or was kicked out. Whatever the reason, she has since become a permanent resident in Barkley’s home.

“They’re not a native species – like rabbits, cats, or foxes – so legally speaking you can’t release them into the wild,” she said.

“Pigeons are very intelligent birds and Gemima – who is now a bit smaller than a chicken – is very clingy; I think she’s imprinted on me. She’s very clingy, she’ll follow you around or snuggle in your lap and fall asleep.”

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