Clever Donkey Helps His Struggling Mate To Escape Through The Fence

StoryfulPublished: May 29, 201713,574 views
Published: May 29, 2017

A hilarious video has emerged of a stubborn donkey trying to get through a wooden fence. The tenacious ass was struggling to find his way out. Obviously three donkeys weren't thrilled to be surrounded by a fence so they were trying to fix the issue.

While the two donkeys tried over and over again to jump over the fence, the third donkey proved to be the smart one when it found a very clever way for a sweet escape. Watch as the larger donkey leads the way and removes a part of the barrier letting all the other donkeys escape.

Donkeys know how to lend a helping hand. We know this because when one donkey struggles to get over a fence, another, more experienced peer, is there to help a donkey out. This issue was never more evident than in this video, filmed in Ronco Scrivia, Liguria, in Italy featuring three donkeys breaking out of their enclosure. Incredible!

When two quarrel, the third rejoices! Watching horses jump out of their enclosures is not very surprising because we are aware of their great jumping ability. However, it is much more surprising, watching donkeys jump over fences to escape their enclosures.

Footage was filmed on January 4, 2017 in a donkey sanctuary called Paradise in Ronco Scrivia, Italy, showing donkeys breaking out of their enclosure.

Watch as the third, obviously more experienced donkey, finds a clever way to break through a fence, liberating his peers into the wild. This is the true definition of true friendship! Go donkeys!

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