Nonchalant Australian Shepherd Has The Patience Of A Saint

StoryfulPublished: May 29, 201727 views
Published: May 29, 2017

A cute video has emerged showcasing one incredibly talented dog showing off some incredible level of patience and obedience by balancing over a dozen doggie treats on his body.

Meet Oshie, the three-year-old Australian shepherd with the patience of a saint. He seems to have no trouble balancing several treats on his nose and head while holding additional treats in his mouth. Fortunately for Oshie his show of obedience pays off once his owner gives him a signal and he’s free to enjoy his hard-earned treats.

Dog plays the game ‘How many treats can I balance on my body’ with owner and passes with flying colors. Meet Oshie, the calm and obedient pet with some impressive balancing skills and amazing talent. Watch as he flaunts his ability, showing an unusual talent for balancing numerous treats on his head, nose and paws.

This adorable pooch is a master of staying still and keeping the items perfectly perched. Watch as owner tests dog’s temptation by piling up doggie treats on his body, in a form of a tower. The house of treats stands tall on the top of this dog who manages to stay perfectly still, while owner races to place as many treats possible on this pooch’s head while the obedient pet passes with flying colours.

The art of balancing comes easy to this talented dog. His ability to balance objects is incredible! Watch as this obedient pooch, named Oshie, show off incredible balancing skills while he tries to balance doggie treats on his head. His owner uses positive reinforcement dog training and suggests that all canine owners use similar techniques when it comes to training their pets. Amazing!

Watching this adorable pooch trying to stand as still as he can possibly be, in order to balance as many treats on his head as possible, shows that practice makes perfect, and we hope that next time he manages to double this number. Good luck Oshie!

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