Emergency Services Evacuate Shopping Centre After Light Plane Crashes Into Building

Storyful Published May 28, 2017 19 Plays

Rumble Police evacuated a Melbourne shopping mall after a light plane crashed into the building on February 21.

Emergency services were on the scene after the crash, which occurred just before 9 am. Victoria Police said they believed it was a “catastrophic engine failure” and the plane was a private charter flight. The crash site was at the back of the Direct Factory Outlet (<span class="caps">DFO</span>) in a furniture store. Police said they were unable to confirm any casualties after evacuating the area.

This video shows the plume of smoke billowing from the Direct Factory Outlet shopping centre and emergency services converging on the crash site, near Essendon Airport.

Essendon Airport, in Melbourne’s north, serves mostly general aviation and cargo planes, with a handful of commercial passenger flights daily."