Dad Pulls ULTIMATE Prank On Daughters By Sending Them To Buy ‘Blinker Fluid’

starfisher Published May 28, 2017 290 Plays

Rumble The day was April 1, which should have been a clue, but these two young girls were oblivious to what was going to happen.

Their dad piled them into the car, and they stopped by a car store with all sorts of auto parts.

While he was waiting in the parking lot, he gave his daughters a coupon and asked to buy a couple of things for his car — namely “blinker fluid” for the brake lights and a “bucket of steam.”

You can imagine how that went over with the employees in the store…

Dad taped the whole thing after it all went down, and their reactions are priceless.

One of the daughters kept pushing to get the blinker fluid, because “she had a coupon!”

I think this round goes to dad!