The Uber of Crabs? Two Spider Crabs Form a Mating Pair After Migrating En Masse to Melbourne

StoryfulPublished: May 28, 2017
Published: May 28, 2017

Normally spider crabs don’t migrate to the southern Australian coast until <a href="" target="_blank">May-July</a>, but the summer of love came early for these two crabs who formed a mating pair near Melbourne on March 4.

PT Hirschfield told Storyful, “Out of the hundreds of thousands of spider crabs in Port Phillip Bay, Melbourne, this little guy has found the girl of his dreams! … So he’s decided to carry her around until [she] [ <a href="" target="_blank">moults</a>] … Sort of like Uber for spider crabs – the <span class="caps">ULTIMATE</span> Taxi Crab!”.

Female spider crabs only mate after moulting, and male crabs often protect their mates until that happens.

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