Adorable Bat Pup Yawning For The Camera

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Published: May 28, 2017

This yawning baby bat is just trying to have a good start to the day. He looks so comfortable and sleepy wrapped up in towels that he might never want to leave his cozy bed!

Watching a person yawn is not very interesting, but replace that human with a bat pup and you have yourself an adorable video. Footage shows the pup in question yawning on several different occasions to equaling degrees of cuteness. Adorable!

Australia is home to four species of megabats (flying foxes): Black Flying Fox - Pteropus alecto, Grey-headed Flying Fox - Pteropus poliocephalus, Spectacled Flying Fox - Pteropus conspicillatus and Little Red Flying Fox - Pteropus scapulatus. All four species are under increasing pressure from loss of habitat and feed trees, climate change and human cruelty and harassment. Their natural habitat is in trees along waterways, human development has inhabited or cleared most of these areas.

Australian flying foxes are keystone species, playing a unique and crucial role in the environment as Australia's only long-distance pollinator and Australia's forests and other wildlife depend on them. Flying foxes are intelligent, social, gentle and curious creatures who deserve a chance at a life free of persecution.

Although bats in general have a poor reputation, but far from being blood sucking harbingers of death, bats are gentle mammals that help to keep insect populations under control and they pollinate forests and spread the seeds of biodiversity.

Education, tolerance and an understanding of the true value of bats is imperative and with populations crashing around the globe. Insectivorous microbats demolish tonnes of harmful and disease carrying insects such as mosquitoes each evening and flying-foxes are long distance pollinators and seed dispersers.

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