Toddler Is Stunned When The Phone Rings. His Reaction Has The Entire Family Laughing Out Loud!

starfisherPublished: May 28, 2017Updated: May 30, 2017336 views
Published: May 28, 2017Updated: May 30, 2017

A toddler was playing around in the living room with the rest of his family, when the phone suddenly rang. Shocked at the sound of the phone ringing, the toddler immediately froze in his tracks as his jaw-dropped. Then, after a few seconds of figuring out where the sound comes from, he runs straight towards to the phone and answers it as fast as he can. He even answers with an adorable, “Hello!” The entire family got a wonderful laugh out of this sequence of events, and I can totally see why.

The little boy is still learning about the world around him, and it’s moments like this that makes parenting such a blessing. As parents, we get to witness many of our kids firsts, and their innocent and genuine reactions will always warm our hearts as it brings us back to the time when we were their age. It’s highly nostalgic and beautiful at the same time!

The smiles on the rest of the family’s faces as he answers the phone really says it all. I couldn’t help but smile along with them.

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