Woman Saves Herself From Fast-Moving Floodwaters In Peru

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Published: May 28, 2017

Dramatic footage from Peru, captured by local Christian Jesus Hidalgo Medina shows a woman pulling herself out of fast-moving muddy floodwaters in Punta Hermosa near Lima on March 15. A cow is also seen being swept along by the floodwaters, eventually reaching a safer area. Amid muddy floodwaters and swirling debris, Evangelina Chamorro Díaz emerged with only a few minor injuries.

Medina initially wanted to shoot the oncoming floodwaters and a cow in the rushing mud struggling to unstick its legs from fast-moving mud and water. Sharp wooden pallets and a large shipping container are seen being swept downstream, pulled forcefully by the floodwaters.

But it seems that that same shipping container, an object that could have crushed whomever crossed its path, was perhaps key to saving Diaz’s life. The video shows the moment when it becomes lodged under an overpass, slowing the fast-moving water and allowing Diaz to grab hold of a large trunk and pull herself from its grip.

According to reports, the 32-year-old woman was dragged for around 50 meters and was taken to hospital with cuts and bruises.

RPP Noticias reported that a six-year-old girl died in Punta Hermosa. The floods, which were brought by torrential rains, also caused damage to property and eroding sections of coastline, leaving at least one home close to collapse.

Elsewhere in Peru, heavy rains filled the streets of Chosica with mud, and Peruvian Army helicopters carried out evacuations for residents stranded by floodwaters in the northern Lambayeque region.

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