Fisherman Comes Dangerously Close to a Great White Shark in Maui

Storyful Published May 28, 2017 197 Plays

Rumble A fisherman kayaking in Maui came dangerously close to a great white shark on March 11.

Leo Pagaduan was fishing off the Ukumehame firing range in West Maui when he heard a big splash from behind his kayak. He took a look and saw a great white shark coming straight at him. The shark came within two feet of the bottom of his kayak.

Pagaduan called a friend on a radio, but his friend didn’t believe his shark story; meanwhile, the shark circled around him for over an hour before leaving.

Great white sharks can be seen in Hawaii during winter and spring, and usually swim in deeper water and far from shore, according to a report by <a href="" target="_blank"><span class="caps">KITV</span></a>.