Flooding Damaged a Bridge near Tecumseh, Missouri

Storyful Published May 27, 2017 0 Plays

Rumble Drone footage captures the extent of the damage to a major bridge in Ozark County, Missouri, on May 2.

James Bridge north of Tecumseh in Ozark County was damaged by flooding over the weekend. The bridge was built in <a href="http://www.news-leader.com/story/news/local/missouri/2017/05/02/immense-force-water-ripped-2-bridges-completely-away-modot-fast-track-replace-them/101197394/" target="_blank">1958 and is estimated to cost $1.5 million to replace</a>.

Kevin Lighty captured the footage using his drone. Lightly stated the iron bridge is the main “artery of travel for many who live down here. People now have to drive an extra hour to find their way to the other side.”