Diversion Tube Installed in Attempt to Halt Flooding in Boise, Idaho

StoryfulPublished: May 26, 2017Updated: May 27, 20172 views
Published: May 26, 2017Updated: May 27, 2017

Drone footage captured a <a href="http://www.kivitv.com/news/crews-install-diversion-tube-in-boise-river" target="_blank">600-foot flood diversion tube</a> installed and action in the Eagle and Garden City neighborhoods of Boise, Idaho, to keep water from the Boise River from flooding homes.

The tube was made by <a href="https://www.facebook.com/AIREIndustrial/" target="_blank"><span class="caps">AIRE</span> Industrial Spill Containment</a> and was installed by the Ada County’s Engineering Division and Boise River Flood Control District 10.

The Army Corps of Engineers previously built a 4,000-foot temporary levee near Eagle Island to contain the Boise River, which had risen above the flood level of <a href="https://www.facebook.com/adacosheriff/photos/a.268199736535637.63592.143102542378691/1429191603769772/?type=3&theater" target="_blank">6,500 cubic-feet-per-second and is currently around 8,500-to-9,000 in Ada County</a>.<br />.

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