Emu Causes Havoc in Rainsville, Alabama

StoryfulPublished: May 26, 2017282 views
Published: May 26, 2017

Amanda Stephens captured the moment authorities tried to capture an emu that was blocking traffic on Highway 35 in Rainsville, DeKalb County, Alabama, on May 19.

Stephens took the video from inside an electric co-op, where she works. “Don’t know where it came from. Everybody was trying to catch it. What was I doing? I was laughing,” she told <a href="http://www.waff.com/story/35490611/emu-runs-wild-in-rainsville" target="_blank"><span class="caps">WAFF</span>-48 News</a>. Officials can be seen trying to lasso the emu in the video.

The bird was able to evade capture and its whereabouts are unknown. Emus are native to Australia and are the world’s second-largest bird below the ostrich.

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