Intrepid Fishermen Remove Hook From Shark's Mouth

StoryfulPublished: May 26, 201712 views
Published: May 26, 2017

A second tiger shark in the space of a week was caught and released at Warnbro Beach, then dragged back to deeper water.

One group of fishermen, local to Warnbro Beach in Western Australia drew quite the audience when they brought in the six-feet long shark. Dorothy Symonds, a local resident who shot the incredible catch, said that it took for adult men some half an hour to reel in the big fish after they cast out over 100 yards from shore. People who have been swimming in the water were quick to run to dry ground.

Since Warnbro is famous for being a dog-friendly beach, Dorothy and her husband Andy took their own down there. "There were these four young guys and they had five rods set up, they had a canoe so they were taking the lines out probably about 100 meters offshore and dropping them and then one of their reels went,” she says.

Everyone who watched thought they caught a stingray, but they were in for quite a surprise when the six-foot beast from the deep came to the surface.

“I’ve never seen a shark in real life before,” Dorothy said. “I’ve swum at this beach all my life and I’ve never seen a shark before - but there’s clearly a lot of them out there. I’ve never really thought about them.”

The anglers took a quick photo with the amazing catch, before removing the hook from its mouth and escorting it back to the deep water.

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