Snake Whisperer Reads And Plays Football With Cobras

Published May 25, 2017 5,608 Plays

Rumble Surely most of us have pets of some kind; a dog, a cat, maybe a rodent of some kind. They provide us with companionship and comfort whenever we need it and in turn we take care of them. But one man in Malaysia has pets that might make your skin crawl and then some!

Abu Zarin Hussin, 32, from Pahang, Malaysia, became a professional snake handler while working in his local fire service. He spends his days looking after cobras and carrying out activities with the snakes which some would think are impossible.

Abu treats his three snakes like they were his own spawn, reading to them from magazines and playing football in a local field. We can’t say for sure what is going on in the serpents’ heads when he headbutts them, but they definitely do not go after his jugular.

The handler educates fellow firemen about snakes due to his lifelong experiences of looking after them. Firemen in Malaysia are often called upon in people’s houses to capture serpents that have wandered into their homes.

Abu says: “I look after my snakes, King, Cheiff, and Clik Din. I spend a lot of time with the snakes even though I have been bitten a lot in the past. I help others to learn about snakes for awareness which is important when handling them.”

Just check what it looks like when a King Cobra invades a home in Malaysia. We’re so not renting a house there!