Raw Footage Shows Daredevil Escaping Death After He Makes A Wrong Turn

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Published: May 25, 2017

This is the heart-stopping moment when a skier loses his balance and falls down a 60ft deep crevasse. A terrifying GoPro footage has emerged from Saas-Fee in Switzerland capturing the whole thing on camera! Watching this skier tumble deep down the crevasse has given us the chills!

Experienced skier, Jamie Mullner, 26, who has been skiing for nearly 17 years, was on his fourth season skiing in Saas-Fee, while he was also scouting for some filming locations for his video producing company, when he found himself in a deadlock situation. In a split second, he misjudged his position and found himself heading straight for the crevasse.

Apparently, he had been warned about the crevasses before setting off down the mountain, but decided to ignore it and made a wrong turn which sent him into the deadly hole.

Jamie recounted the nightmarish experience of not being able to see anything while he was falling down the crevasse. He remembers bouncing off several ledges, and each time tumbled off the next one, wondered how far he would fall next, expecting to hit something very hard.

Mullner was lucky and soon recovered from the fall only to find himself approximately 60ft below the ground. This chilling video shows Jamie's point of view inside the crevasse and it is scary! Fortunately, he was able to recover from his fall and managed to contact his brother, who was with him at the time of the accident, on a walkie-talkie.

The stuntman was pulled to safety by emergency services and airlifted to hospital to be checked over, but was miraculously uninjured. This man just got a second chance at life!

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