Tattoos You Can Literally Hear Are Becoming The New Trend

Published May 15, 2017 178 Plays

Rumble Tattoos have always been regarded as a visual tool, but now, thanks to the innovative combination of art and technology, you can listen to your tattoos on your skin with the aid of an application on your smartphone. Whether it is the voice of a loved one, your favorite song or a motivating phrase, you can carry this record with you everywhere and listen to it anytime.

Tattoo Master Nate Siggard of Los Angeles invented the idea of audio tutorials when two friends came to him to make a tattoo with an introductory line from Elton John's song "Little Dancer". The girlfriend of the artist casually said that it would be great if she could listen, and her words were clear enough to take Nate to this seemingly ingenious idea.

Siggard realized that there is a way to create a live sound on someone's skin by tattooing an image depicting computer generated sound waves. At first, he tried it on himself by compiling the "voice" of his girlfriend and her child, and the result was published on Facebook. The video almost instantly became viral, and people began to ask him questions and requests. So, Skin Motion was born, creating tattoos that can be heard.

So what is the secret of this innovative type of tattoos? This is a combination of classic tattoos and technologies. The Skin Motion mobile application site allows you to generate a picture in a minute depicting the sound wave of any sound you would like to have on your skin, whether it's a voice, a song, a dog bark - almost anything! As soon as you receive the drawing, the certified artist of Skin Motion puts it on your skin, and in 24 hours, the company adds a drawing to the base site, which is read by the camera of the smartphone, allowing your skin to "sound" whenever you want.

The Skin Motion application is still under development, but its official launch is scheduled for June this year. Founder Nigh Siggart is currently focusing on creating a network of certified artists from Skin Motion and works with tattoo artists from around the world. They will be trained and certified to do audio tattoos.