Bond fan arrives at his own wedding 007 style by wakeboarding to the ceremony 

Caters_NewsPublished: May 18, 201767 views
Published: May 18, 2017

Weddings can be a huge pressure, both for the families and the newlyweds and for different reasons. So it is only logical that each of them finds a unique way to unwind and to shake off the stress of the big event, most frequently while the camera is rolling. In the end, these little instances are what make for awesome memories of the day.
This daredevil groom takes the prize for the most impressive entrance during a ceremony! Bond fan Matt Knight and his two groomsmen - his brother Chris and best friend Paul, entered the ceremony while wakeboarding en route to the venue. It is a safe bet to say that we was dripping wet when he arrived.
Luckily for him and the guests, Matt had a spare tux to change into.

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