First Haircut Sends Sleepy Toddler Into Dreamland As He Dozes Off On The Chair Mid-Snip

Caters_NewsPublished: May 16, 20171,035 views
Published: May 16, 2017

A heartwarming video has emerged of a tired toddler dozing off on a chair while having his hair cat in a beauty salon. Apparently, this sweet boy found his first haircut to be very exhausting and he fell asleep on the chair while his curls were being snipped. How adorable!

Most children throw tantrums during their first haircut,whining and pouting at the idea of having their hair cut. This little guy is the opposite of those children and is perfectly behaved! His immediate reaction after sitting on the chair was to actually put his fingers in his mouth, and fall asleep for the duration of the haircut! Well, that's something you don't see every day at the hairdressers!

Watching her child sleep while the hairdresser is giving him a haircut urged his mother to pull out her camera and start recording. Most parents would document their child's first haircut to capture the memory of all the whining and crying, but instead she got her child dozing off into oblivion while a stranger cut his hair. Incredible!

This carefree toddler fell fast asleep during his very first haircut and showed no signs of nerves, like some children do, as he waited for his hair to be snipped off. Watching this two-year-old boy having his first haircut has warmed our hearts. How could anyone fall asleep mid-snip while in the salon chair?

Instead, the relaxed toddler sat with two fingers in his mouth, ignoring the stylist who was working his locks. As youngster's heavy eyes start to close on more and more, he finally gives in and drifts off to dreamland.

It is adorable to watch this tiny toddler struggling to keep his eyes open during his first trip to the hairdresser's as he repeatedly falls asleep on the chair. Apparently, sometimes a trip to the salon can pamper you right into a coma state!

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