Young DIY Queen Demonstrates How to Change Oil

StoryfulPublished: May 12, 2017258 views
Published: May 12, 2017

It's always a true pleasure to see kids in action, and this video is a real proof, just wait to see the end! This smart little girl is up to a real challenge, and you won't believe what she's about to do!
This young girl from Ohio has a real DIY attitude, and the instructions for changing oil given in this video could put craftsmen twice her age to shame. She surely learned the steps from her own parents, but shows an ability to complete them solo. Watch as she jacks the car up to drain the oil, changes the oil filter and pouring fresh engine oil before checking the oil level! Master craftsmanship!
Can you believe how smart this little lady is? This is simply brilliant! Who said girls can't fix things?

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