The Biggest Horse Racing Accident In Japan

nikosbrihmani Published May 11, 2017 3,001 Plays $10.47 earned

Rumble - Six racers were harmed here in a huge crash amid Monday’s races at the Japan Racing Association’s (JRA) Nakayama Racecourse. The mishap happened in the fourth race, after the main steed Nobo Project, ridden by 20-year-old maneuver Kosei Miura, thumped over another steed while leaving the last turn. The impact wound up cutting down eight different stallions.

An aggregate of six racers supported wounds in the mishap, including top move Hiroyuki Uchida, 39 — who earned the most wins in JRA races a year ago — who broke his left arm. As indicated by the JRA, the mischance is the biggest in its history, outperforming a seven-horse spill in 1977.
The 16-horse race begun at 11:20 a.m. Nobo Project, which completed, to begin with, was excluded and Miura will be suspended for four days amongst Saturday and Jan. 24