Alligator Chases a Kayaker in Mobile Bay, Alabama

StoryfulPublished: May 11, 2017861 views
Published: May 11, 2017

A kayaker was chased by an alligator in Mobile Bay, Alabama, on May 7. Shannon Collins caught the moment kayaker Jimmy Williams avoided the gator’s wrath. Collins was eating at a restaurant near Mobile Bay when she captured the incident on video. Collins described the incident in a report by UPI: “That gator followed him until he docked, then stayed there by him until he loaded his kayak in his truck and left. … That gator was serious,” she said. Williams is a lifelong kayaker and frequently encounters alligators. "Small ones are usually inquisitive about stuff, the mid-range ones try to leave you alone, but these big ones, they are protective”, he told WRIC.

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