Dad Asks His 1-yr-old Some Important Questions. She Responds In Hysterical fashion

starfisher Published May 11, 2017 116 Plays

Rumble A father sits his one-year-old daughter down for a face-to-face conversation. He interrogates her and asks her a few questions. The little girl responds and voices her thoughts, and Dad’s reaction is absolutely priceless. This baby might be young, but she certainly is not shy. She is brutally honest with all her answers!

This one-year-old’s precious and sweet voice will melt your heart. She tries her best to enunciate words, but it’s not always coherent or understandable. Dad is patient and lets the little girl take her time. Most of the time, he knows exactly what she’s thinking.

Dad asks his little girl, “Why do you refuse to sleep at night?”

The girl’s response completely throws Dad off guard. Dad’s stunned by the answer, and he continues on with other questions. Each time the little girl manages to outwit Dad in one way or another.

This is a heartwarming video that shows how awesome babies are!