Thrill seeker skis off truck, stunts down slope and then skis back onto truck

Caters_NewsPublished: May 11, 2017185 views
Published: May 11, 2017

Here's one for you thrill seekers. Don't be getting any ideas! Incredible footage has captured the moment Cody Cirillo, 24, skis off the back of a truck, stunts his way down a slope and then skis back onto the truck. How crazy! Skiing on its own is hard enough, but put entering and exiting via truck bed into the mix, and you made skiing a lot more difficult.

Thrill seekers are always looking for another way to make the adrenaline rush that much more exciting. You see people go from skydiving to skydiving with a wing-suit instead of a parachute, and now skiers adding more stuff into the mix. Anything for the extra bit more of rush.

Check out this skier end up in the back of the same truck her started on!

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