Cooking With Creepy Crawlies: MAKING MAD

BarcroftTV Published May 11, 2017 1,055 Plays

Rumble A health enthusiast is adding an unusual ingredient to her meals - insects. Twenty-eight-year-old Kremena Despinova from Sofia, Bulgaria, has been experimenting with cooking with creepy crawlies for a year and a half. The entrepreneur's bug infused recipes include, cricket flour pancakes topped with syrup and buffalo worms, cricket and guacamole filled tacos, silkworm and avocado salad and chocolate mousse with chocolate covered grasshoppers.

All around the world there are different delicacies, and now with the interconnection throughout the world, these delicacies are being shared across the globe. Different cultures are trying different foods, and slowly, the world is uniting in a bunch of different ways. Kremena is definitely taking advantage of that. How innovative!

Videographer / director: Ned Dervenkov
Producer: Shannon Lane, Ruby Coote
Editor: James Thorne