Behind Every Great Horse!

nikosbrihmaniPublished: May 10, 2017Updated: May 11, 20171,176 views
Published: May 10, 2017Updated: May 11, 2017

In this really short video you can see what it feels like to have a trustful relationship with a horse, but also this is an ad for Guinness which is being released ahead of the Galway Races Festival, an event for which the iconic beer company has been a sponsor for 51 years. A voice over in this video says: “Behind every great horse is a team,” “A team committed to going the extra mile not some of the time, but each and every time.”
He’s discussing racehorses, however, the assessment unquestionably seems to be valid for all sections of the equine business. All things considered, any awesome trail horse, treatment creature or show ring which obliges somebody to go up against the part of guardian, prep, coach, farrier, vet, thus substantially more.

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