Dad Fined For Taking Son On Vacation Pays Fine In Pence

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Published: May 10, 2017

A cheeky dad who took his son out of primary school for an unauthorized term-time holiday was hit with a £60 (roughly $83) fine - and paid it using a bucketful of just one and two pence pieces. Paddy Forbes took his family - including six-year-old Tommy-Lee - on a week-long trip to Egypt in February without permission from the youngster's head teacher.

When they returned from their mid-winter getaway, the dad was struck to learn that the school his son goes to fined him for not notifying the teacher first. Any other dad would have argued right then and there, possibly even removing his kid from said institution, but not Paddy. See, this dad agreed to pay for the fine. Just he will do it in his own, special way!

“It’s a ridiculous rule designed to punish working-class families anyway. I can’t afford to take everyone away during half-term,” Paddy told local media. “I came into a bit of money at the time, and we may not have got another chance to go to somewhere like Egypt. I told the school in advance that I would be taking Tommy-Lee, but of course I knew they would fine me anyway. I just took it on the chin,” he said.

Another thing this brave dad firmly believes in is that the opportunity of a vacation, which is financially rare for his family, is equally educational for the young lad. “Where is he going to learn more about the world? Sitting in a classroom in Swansea or at an Egyptian temple?”

So, armed with a big and sturdy bucket, the dad changed his £60 for a load of one and two pence coins and went straight to Swansea Civic Centre on Friday to tip the contents onto the counter in front of a council worker.

‘As far as I’m concerned that’s it paid. They asked for £60 and they got £60,’ the father said.

This is not the only time we have seen someone pay sweet revenge to city workers in pennies. One man from Adelaide, Australia felt the scorch of a parking ticket on his very own hide, so he decided to pay back his penalty sprinkled with some good, old-fashioned petty revenge and in the form of 5 and 10 cent pieces.

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