Footage Shows Moment When Huge Crane Collapses In Front Of People

StoryfulPublished: May 10, 201726,282 views
Published: May 10, 2017

An investigation has been launched after a crane being used to install a prefabricated section of the Bevera railway viaduct between Arcisate and Cantello, near Varese, crashed to the ground on Wednesday, May 10, 2017. Officials said the accident would not delay the December 2017 completion of the rail line, part of the Italian section of a new line connecting Lugano, Switzerland, to Milan.

According to reports, the crane driver managed to jump three meters from the cabin after beginning to feel it falling over. Neither the operator nor any other workers in the area were injured by the incident. Early thought is that there may have been a malfunction with the crane. Inspectors have also now analyzed the scene.

It's certainly a terrifying moment for all those around. You can see the shock in their reactions as tones of concrete, along with the crane, came crashing down. Both workers and onlookers shout in disbelief as the huge construction comes crumbling down right in front of them. It must have been a very scary experience, but luckily there weren't any casualties. It remains unknown what caused this unfortunate event.

Andrea Righetti captured the collapse in this video, and we can't even imagine how he must've felt while filming the whole ordeal with a steady hand instead of panicking like everyone around him.

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