Melting A Fidget Spinner

LetsMeltThisPublished: May 10, 2017Updated: May 11, 2017720 views
Published: May 10, 2017Updated: May 11, 2017

Just when we thought that the fidget spinner fad is finally coming to an end, a video like this shows up that makes us want to throw up at first, but when we saw what is actually happening, we congratulated the dude!

The LetsMeltThis channel on YouTube says “This channel was created so that we could share the videos of all the things we melt. If it can melt, we will melt it and post the video to this channel for your viewing pleasure!” And boy, what a pleasure it is to watch this annoying toy melt down into a pile or rubbish that it is!

The guys over at Let's melt This are poised to become the next Slow-Mo Guys, with their addictive videos of things that melt in fire or acid. Everyday objects like jawbreakers, sponges, laptops, and marbles are being obliterated in their clips.

With our tendency to be destructive, videos like these are surely to bring us a sense of serenity and calm us down before we go and buy a quart of acid and dunk the things that annoy us on a daily basis. But watching the fidget spinner slowly char, then bubble and melt away, really made us feel calm, because if it weren't for this channel, we probably would have done it ourselves – eventually.


You can purchase a Fidget Spinner here:

Thanks to Monstercat for the awesome music!

Title: For Her by Duumu from Illuminate EP
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