This Diver Picked Killer Spot To Film Dozens Of Sharks Surrounding Him

Caters_NewsPublished: May 9, 201738 views
Published: May 9, 2017

The ocean is still considered to be on of the undiscovered treasures on our earth. The ocean still remains a mystery for today's scientist even though they have already gone great lengths to reveal the secrets of the deep waters.

In this video we have a very brave diver who has found the perfect spot to capture some great footage of sharks in their natural habitat. He even has been lucky enough to capture a school of sharks that have made their way right in front of the cameras eye. This diver has proven to have a very big will and a brave heart in order to remain so calm and passive while starring in the eyes of death.

One must be at the right time and in the right spot to be able to capture such footage. This is no usual for sharks to be going in groups. They are usually lone hunters and do not prefer to share food. This is one of the reasons why this specific video is interesting to see.

As the video begins only one to two sharks appear while only a couple of seconds later it is as if they just came poring in like heavy rain.
Must watch this exclusive encounter of a man and beast. This scene will give you the creeps!

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