Miniature Dachshund Takes Horse For A Walk

StoryfulPublished: May 7, 201721,319 views
Published: May 7, 2017

Unusual and unique friendships are always sweet to spot. Many believe that the cat and mouse dispute will go on forever. As the one between cats and dogs. However there is always room for exceptions with many cases. Dogs posses the happy and friendly nature to be able to befriend any other animals with just a little help from their human. Their high spirits and happy character is just enough to persuade almost anyone to become their friend. This video is a classical case of such occasion.

Even though this horse is much bigger and stronger than this Dachshund puppy, he has decided that it's time to have a little fun and letting this little puppy take him for a walk. The confidence in this little guy is just outstanding. He has decided that for once it is the "little guy's" turn to take the lead. Schnitzel is a three-year-old Dachshund who loves to help in the stables and guide the horses around. He may only be a fraction of the size of his horse friend, but he has no problem showing the horse who’s boss!

It's been too long that he has had this kind of authority if not ever. He is sure to prove him self however that he can be quite the responsible little guy when the occasion calls for it. Watch and learn as he takes the lead with the utmost respect and seriousness.

Take a look at this unique friendship and the fun times they have together!

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