Woman Staging Compensation Fraud After Sprinkler Head Falls From The Ceiling

starfisherPublished: May 5, 201751 views
Published: May 5, 2017

Accidents at work are commonplace. I’ll honestly never forget the pain I was put through after a co-worker pulled a cage trolley straight over my foot during a summer working at a supermarket. A broken foot tends to stick in the memory, you see.

However, there are honest-to-God work mishaps and there are barefaced lies which perfectly illustrate the favourite childhood saying “liar liar, pants on fire”. A bizarre incident in Fort Lauderdale, Florida did exactly this when a woman attempted to stage a fake accident in order to claim a big payout from her employer.

The only problem? While committing fraud, it’s lesson number one that you should always cover any suspicious or incriminating tracks you’ve left behind. I’m betting Florida resident Sheyla Veronica White wished someone had told her this earlier when she got caught on camera committing the most ridiculous compensation fraud ever.

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