Parent Pranksters Lose Custody Of Their Children After Police Take Action

starfisherPublished: May 4, 201724 views
Published: May 4, 2017

Over the past few weeks, you may have noticed the YouTube channel DaddyOFive being fervently discussed on the web. Ostensibly a comedy channel, DaddyOFive features two parents that dole out practical jokes to their five children, often at the expense of the two youngest kids, Cody and Emma.

The pranks have drawn mass criticism (including from YouTube personality Philip DeFranco) online as YouTubers and users of the web have noted that the children being pranked didn’t seem to find their ordeal very funny, and some of the jokes at their expense were less amusing than they were potentially traumatising.

Initially, Mike and Heather Martin, the parents behind the DaddyOFive channel, claimed that the videos were nothing but harmless pranks, and the children in question were in on the joke. Eventually, though the Martins released a full apology on their channel, before deleting the rest of the offending videos. The apology was not, however, enough to prevent the Martins from losing custody of two of their kids.

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