Adorable One-Week-Old Baby Is Perplexed By First Bout Of Hiccups

Caters_NewsPublished: May 3, 201750,476 views
Published: May 3, 2017

Have you seen a baby that has the hiccups? We are convinced that there can be nothing cuter! Since they are so young, they are completely confused when the bout of hiccups comes. Where does this thing come from? What is that sound? They can be absolutely hilarious!

This little princess looks like she’s handling her hiccups pretty well though. She’s so tiny and looks so adorable jumping with hiccups in that fluffy pink blankie! At first, she gives a wide yawn like a lioness, looking dead tired after probably being fed and just hangs her head on dad’s arms, as he is holding her all nicely swaddled up.

But then, the hiccups start, causing her to first roll her eyes, then look around for mom and dad with a massive question mark over her head! The sounds that come out of this baby makes us wish they never stop, it is so cute! Still, it is not a good idea to just let it calm down on its own, especially if the hiccups persists.

The occurrence of hiccups is not uncommon, and if it’s not hurting your infant, you can just let it run it’s course. Burping helps during feeding, but you can always give the baby a pacifier to relax the diaphragm or feed it some colic relief to ease the stomach.

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      this is perplexed? Looks more oblivious to this gorgeous baby is a first baby