Thrill Seekers Sledding Down Active Volcano Cerro Negro

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Published: May 2, 2017

Thrill seekers Shanna and Rhys recently went ‘sledding’ down Volcano Cerro Negro in Leon, Nicaragua and reached speeds of almost 50 mph on their descent. Would you add this experience to your ‘extreme bucket list’!?

Footage has emerged of this heated adventure as a thrill seeker decided to slide down an active volcano. This is the stomach churning moment when daredevils pick up volcano boarding in their latest adventure. Do you know a daredevil who is brave enough to try this out?

Thrill seekers are known for living on the edge and doing anything just to keep their adrenaline rush high and blood pumping. However, do you think that these two are taking it a bit too far?

They strapped a camera on and filmed himself sledding down an active volcano, which means that the volcano could possibly erupt at any time. Of course, he did it for the thrill of it, but he also took it one step too far!

Given the fact that Nicaragua’s Cerro Negro volcano has erupted 23 times in the past 100 years, burying homes, crops and people in lava and ashes, one would consider twice before going for such dangerous adventure! This doesn’t stop people who crave the adrenaline rush of going down an active volcano.

However, recently the menacing black mountain has been drawing tourist thanks to a newly invented extreme sport - volcano boarding. Thousands of thrill-seekers have climbed to the top of Cerro Negro, peered into its crater, then zipped down its rough-and-rocky 41-degree slope on homemade toboggans. Even a speed record was set by an Israeli woman, of 54 mph.

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