Man Tries Labor Pain Stimulator To Experience Pregnancy

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Published: May 2, 2017

Everyone says that a man’s pain tolerance is so much higher than a woman’s, but actually no man has ever experienced childbirth pain. At least, until the labor pain stimulator was invented! This is the hilarious moment when a man endures simulated labour pain for less than 20 seconds before he started begging for it to stop.

Men can never really know what it's really like to experience labor pains, so the closest thing science has come up with is to electrocute them mercilessly until they scream and cry. Electric stimulation forcibly contracts the muscles where the electrodes are placed, which mimics the external sensation of a labor contraction. Jonny had electrodes placed on his abdominals and lower back area in order to simulate back labor. Watch and see the results!

Brave Jonny Wade offered himself as a scapegoat to test whether he could withstand the labor pain experience while at university in Tennessee, USA. Watch as one of his fellow classmates is holding him from behind and constantly reminding him to breathe while Jonny is clearly in discomfort.

Mere seconds after saying ‘no matter what I say, go to 10’, Jonny starts screaming and begs for the simulator to be turned off as his fellow students fall about laughing. Jonny said: “The pain was very severe and I didn’t last long at all.

When this student agreed to try the labour pain simulator to experience what pregnant women go through he was positive he can handle the pain. Watch as his cries of pain start almost immediately and only get louder while all the students in the room start laughing. His male classmates may feel for him, but not the female ones.

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