Rescued donkey becomes unlikely hero after helping mute girl say her first words

Caters_NewsPublished: May 2, 2017354 views
Published: May 2, 2017

This one will definitely warm up your heart. Amber and her twin sister were born prematurely, at 26 weeks. Amber was born with a narrow airway, restricting her breathing capabilities, leading her to be ventilated. She had been mute since birth. After spending time at a donkey sanctuary, she began to grow fond of the animals. That eventually led her to utter her first words - saying "I love you" to Shocks the donkey.

The crazy thing is that she wasn't even supposed to be able to speak, so when people began to find out that she did, they became amazed at this miracle. You can only believe how emotional this made her family as well as others who know the story.

Miracles really do exist. Check out the story behind this one.

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