3-Year-Old Refuses To Celebrate Birthday Party Unless It’s Poop-Themed, Gets The Shittiest Party

nollygrioPublished: May 1, 2017Updated: May 2, 20178 views
Published: May 1, 2017Updated: May 2, 2017

This 3 year old from Missouri didn't want a princess party. She wanted a party filled with poop emojis. And she wouldn't take no for an answer.

Little Audrey may only be three, but she's already quite the character.

So when it came time to plan her birthday party, she didn't want just any ordinary theme.

This little girl in Missouri wanted her parents to throw her a fecal fiesta for her third birthday, and after balking at first, Mom and Dad said “SURE!”

They got a poop cake...Whoopie cushions to hand as party favors..there was also a game of pin the poop on the toilet.

Audrey's mom even dressed up in poop emoji costume.

There were treats decorated with the familiar social media symbol, and a cake to match.

For the birthday girl Audrey, it was all a dream come true. And for her parents, another rite of passage in raising a wholly unique kid.

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