Rare Footage Of Baby Elephant Being Taught A Tough Lesson

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Published: May 1, 2017

Elephant parents are known for their caring nature, but it seems even their patience has boundaries. A rare footage has appeared online from a group of tourists visiting Addo Elephant National Park in South Africa. The clip shows an adult male elephants grabbing a tiny calf by the neck with his trunk and throwing the baby of the ground repeatedly.

Jeni Smithies, a nature guide, and Lloyd Carter, a photographer, were watching the bull punish the calf in shock. They witnessed the whole ordeal happen at a waterhole from their jeep and all they could do is capture the event on film.

“I began to video the scene, not knowing that I would capture extremely rare footage of a bull taking out his frustration on the calf that was in his way.” Jeni said about the clip she captured in February of 2017. In it, the bull is seen “guiding” the calf with his trunk, before picking the distressed baby elephant up and throwing it in the dirt.

The professionals believe that the bull was just taking out his sexual frustrations on the hapless baby. It might have gotten into the bull’s way, so he took out his testosterone rage on it. Eventually, one of the cows catches the bull’s attention and he moves on to do what nature intended.

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