This Adorable German Shepherd Loves Playing With The Garden Hose

StoryfulPublished: April 20, 201719,162 views
Published: April 20, 2017

Spending time outdoors is a great chance for you and your family too – to get together while having fun, enjoying fresh air, sun, and playing with your beloved dog – something that enhances bonds between each other and offers a lot of health benefits. Now that the spring is here your dog will love to spend time in the yard playing all day and have fun! Dogs love toys! Especially when they run around in the yard, they love to play with a tennis ball, play fetch, disk dog games but this little dog has a different toy and activity to play in the yard!

Kasper the German shepherd has some beef with this garden hose. Watch as the cute puppy plays with the hose and excitedly hops around the garden. We can see that he is having a lot of fun! Does your dog love to “attack” the garden hose? Kasper loves to show the hose who is the boss, and that there is no messing with him!

Some dogs become completely obsessed with water from a hose, lawn sprinkler or bathroom faucet. For the most part, these dogs will play endlessly for hours and never tire. Dogs and water often go together like kids and candy. Few things can bring out genuine excitement in water-loving dogs than a trip to the lake or beach. Whether you live near a body of water or have a pool in your own backyard, consider these activities and water games for your dog! You will both have fun!

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